April Celebrations 1993 in New York

This Celebration video covers a concert at the York College, Jamaica, where Sri Chinmoy sang the Invocation, Ave Maria a.o. as well as spiritual highlights of the anniversary function on April 13th with many meditation close-ups. Length: 1:20 h dvdkv081.

Sri Chinmoy in Japan 1992

Japan is one of Sri Chinmoy’s most favorite countries. His visit in 1992 brought him to the cultural centre Kyoto, the famous Kamakura Buddha statue (where he met the Head Priest, meditated on the Buddha and planted a tree in the garden) and to the capital Tokyo, where more than 10,000 people attended a most successful concert at the Nippon Budokan Hall, where a laser show and a big video screen surrounded the master’s performances. The concert culminated with a striking piano piece and the presentation of Sri Chinmoy’s Japan song that he performed together with all his Japanese students on stage. Length: 1:25 h dvdkv077

Sri Chinmoy answers questions (1990-92)

Sri Chinmoy answers questions during two press conferences in Stockholm (1990) and Tokyo (1992). He reveals his opinions on such themes as heart-power, conquering the mind, delight, consciousness, divine qualities, oneness with the soul, the spiritual development of the Japanese society and the achievments of former President Gorbachev. Length: 1:23 h dvdkv076

Berlin Concert of Sri Chinmoy 1992

A major peace concert in the famous “Deutschlandhalle” in Berlin with an audience of 9000 seekers. Sri Chinmoy dedicated this concert to President Gorbachev and invited Irina Malekova from the Gorbachev Foundation to speak on stage. Meditation close-ups and musical performances on the esraj, the golden bamboo flute, the harmonium, the cello, the piano and on a big Chinese gong. LENGTH: 1:13 h / DVD KV1074

Birthday Celebrations August 1992

Sri Chinmoy plays tennis, the Omsk choir performs, Sri Chinmoy sings the “Invocation”, meditates on the “Aspiration- Ground” in Queens, NY, meets with Irina Malekowa from the Gorbachev Foundation and gives a concert on his birthday, including the performance of Avatar songs. Length: 1:32 h dvdkv073

April Celebrations 1992 in New York

Walking meditations on the tennis-court in New York and a full coverage of the Hunter College concert are the main features. A.o. Sri Chinmoy sings “Ave Maria”, plays on the blue esraj, on many synthesizers, the viola, the golden flute and the piano. Several times during the concert he chants mantras. Jharna-Kala artworks by Sri Chinmoy himself were used as stage background. Length: 1:09 h dvdkv065