Sri Chinmoy in Brazil & Paraguay 2000

144webnewThis inspiring video reveals the highlights of the 2nd part of the 2000 Christmas Trip: amazing shots of the world’s largest water falls of Iguasso and charming pictures from the Bird Park, running in Brasilia with Olympic medallist Joachim Cruz and Sri Chinmoy’s concert in the famous Dom Bosco Church. Length: 1:24 h dvdkv144

Birthday Celebrations August 1999

142webnewDifferent aspects of the Celebrations festivities: a “Joy” part with highlights of the bi-annualy amateur circus program, a “Per- formance” section with excerpts of Ketan’s Ramakrishna play, most of the items of the Classical Concert, glimpses of the annual 47 mile race and Sri Chinmoy’s meditations on his 68th birthday. Length: 1:36 h dvdkv142

Sri Chinmoy’s April Celebrations 1999

136webSri Chinmoy celebrates his 35th Anniversary of being in the West. The video starts with a long meditation, continues with chanting of mantras and ends with an invitation to the St. John’s University in Queens, NY, where Sri Chinmoy was named as the “Messenger of the Millenium”. Length: 1:23 h dvdkv136

Peace-Blossom Nations in Eastern Europe

In March 1999 spiriritual teacher and musician Sri Chinmoy visited Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary to give 3 concerts (see DVD No. 134) and participated in ceremonies, inaugurating these countries as “Sri Chinmoy Peace – Blossom Nations”. For each country he composed a special song that was performed by an international choir, and opened the ceremony with a meditation and speech. Length: 1:09 h dvdkv133

Weight-lifting Anniversary & New Year’s Meditation

On November 27, 1998 maestro Sri Chinmoy performed many striking weight-lifting achievements during a special function in New York, among them the lifting of 145 pounds with both arms simultaneously. After he changed his garments he gave a meditation concert in the same hall. He also recited his New Year’s Message for 1999. Length: 1:30 h dvdkv132