April Celebrations 2005

Highlights from the April Celebrations 2005 (41st Anniversary of being in the West) include Sri Chinmoy’s driving meditations and concert (with many Chinese instruments, flutes, synthesizer, harmonium and piano) on the “Aspiration-Ground” in Queens, the visit of Addwitiyia Roberta Flack and the opening ceremony of the “International Harmony Run 2005” in New York with the powerful performance of the song that Sri Chinmoy composed for the run: and inspiring speeches by diplomats & guests. 1:23 h


Sri Chinmoy’s 69th birthday – August 2000

152.DVDwOn August 27, 2000 Sri Chinmoy celebrated his 69th birthday. The evening function was opened with a meditation, followed by singing the “Invocation”, and many groups – playing the same instrument – performed. At the end Narada and Sudhahota Carl Lewis sang together on stage and Ananda honoured Sri Chinmoy’s striking achievements. Length: 1:05 h dvdkv152

Peace-Blossom Nations in Eastern Europe

In March 1999 spiriritual teacher and musician Sri Chinmoy visited Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary to give 3 concerts (see DVD No. 134) and participated in ceremonies, inaugurating these countries as “Sri Chinmoy Peace – Blossom Nations”. For each country he composed a special song that was performed by an international choir, and opened the ceremony with a meditation and speech. Length: 1:09 h dvdkv133

Sri Chinmoy’s Birthday August 1998

The 1998 August Celebration focused on commemorating the death of Sri Chinmoy’s brother Chitta with various soulful activities and medi- tations. Sri Chinmoy recitites his series of special poems entitled “Please do not for- get”. Sudhahota, Narada and Premik are presenting their birthday song and the African disciples perform. Length: 54 min dvdkv130

Largest European Concert in Prague 1995

In terms of audience it was the biggest European concert of Sri Chinmoy: the Prague event of October 8, 1995 with an audience of 15,000 seekers. The Maestro filled the huge hall with his soulful and sometimes also powerful improvisations, brought down divine light through his meditations and offered prayers and mantric songs. Length: 1:20 h / DVD KV1105