The big German Concert Tour 2005

In September 2005 Sri Chinmoy gave nine concerts as part of his “World Harmony Concert Tour 2005” in these eight German cities: Berlin, Mannheim, Freiburg, Dresden, Dortmund, Nürnberg, Mün- chen and Hamburg. From 15 hours of concert footage I selected the visual and musical highlights and compiled this video. Length: 54 min dvdkv223 (There is a second DVD of the German Concert Tour, featuring all synthesizer performances, see dvdkv213).



Berlin Concert of Sri Chinmoy 1992

A major peace concert in the famous “Deutschlandhalle” in Berlin with an audience of 9000 seekers. Sri Chinmoy dedicated this concert to President Gorbachev and invited Irina Malekova from the Gorbachev Foundation to speak on stage. Meditation close-ups and musical performances on the esraj, the golden bamboo flute, the harmonium, the cello, the piano and on a big Chinese gong. LENGTH: 1:13 h / DVD KV1074

Berlin Concert 1990

059webIn November 1990 Sri Chinmoy toured Europe and also gave several Peace Concerts in West and former East Berlin. The master played on many instruments such as the harmonium, many kinds of flutes, the cello, gongs, esraj, synthesizers and pianos. This video brings you back the memories of this concert tour, including meditations in between the various pieces as well as during a Boat Trip where different singing groups performed. At the end of the East Berlin concert visitors express their opinions on Sri Chinmoy’s music. Length: 1:01 h. No. dvdkv059