Sri Chinmoy in Bali 2004 – Part 1

Sri Chinmoy and his students came back to Bali for the fourth time during their Christmas vacation of 2004. He composed many new songs, wrote thousands of poems, got several country and University awards and successfully met with the King of Solo and all 8 Bali kings. The video also covers concert performances and a visit to the island of Timor Leste. Length: 1:14 h dvdkv194

Sri Chinmoy’s 13 million bird drawings

Sri Chinmoy was not only a prolific writer, composer and meditation teacher, he was also a most active painter. Besides an extensive work of acrylic paintings that he called Jharna-Kala (Fountain-Art), he also created millions of cute little birds in all shapes and colors. This video covers many of his art exhibitions worldwide from the years 1994 – 2003. Until his passing the number increased to more than 15 million bird drawings. Watch excerpts on this website: Length: 1:01 h dvdkv088

Sri Chinmoy visits W. Samoa and Fiji

An inspiring review of the 1993/94 Christmas Trip with other 200 of Sri Chinmoy’s students from all over the world. It covers a concert in Apia (Western Samoa), meditations and recitations on December 31 in Nadi (Fiji), running activities, ceremonies and the master’s 100 and 200 m sprints in Suva, as well as an unforgettable visit to the untouched island of Manono in W. Samoa. Length: 1:04 h dvdkv087

Masters Games and concerts in Miyazaki

Sri Chinmoy’s trip to Southern Japan in October 1993 with an insight in some cultural aspects of the region, the opening ceremony of the 10th World Veterans Championships with his participation in the 100 m sprint as well as a summary of four beautiful concerts with mediative music. Length: 1:35 h dvdkv086

Sri Chinmoy’s birthday August 1993

This video covers the highlights of the birthday celebration: Sri Chinmoy demonstrates the three steps of Samadhi: Savikalpa, Nirvikalpa and Sahaja, and gives a concert at the Julia Richmond Highschool. Also featured is his opening meditation at the “Parliament of the World’s Religions” in Chicago. Length: 1:36 h dvdkv084

DAVOS – Meditation & Concert

003A-DAVOSwebOn May 27 of 1987, spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007) had a 7-hour Concert & Meditation in the Swiss village Davos where he performed on many musical instruments he never played before: flutes, a variety of chimes, string instruments, the cello, contra bass, synthesizers and some unusual instruments like the sound-producing Indonesian wood sticks. In between the musical pieces he meditated in silence. Watch the highlights of this historical event. During the same trip he played for the first time on a pipe organ in Zurich on May 26th (see DVD No. 03A). Length: 1:31 h