Sri Chinmoy – Chinese Painting Session

When Sri Chinmoy visited China in 2004/05 he created a special series of Chinese paintings in the long vertical, typically Chinese format. It was on January 1, 2005 in Quingdao. Used techniques were black Chinese ink as well as colorful acrylics. Enjoy the flow of divine creations, accompanied by traditional Chinese music. Length: 1:15 h dvdkv219 16×9

Sri Chinmoy in China 2004/05

For nearly three months Sri Chinmoy visited for the first time China. He expressed his love admiration for the country through composing special songs, poems and played on his favorite instruments. One afternoon, Sri Chinmoy painted for a couple of hours and created artworks in black and white as well as in color, inspired by Chinese art and calligraphy. A big section of the video is dedicated to this special art session. Also included is a visit to a Chinese school in Xiamen, where Sri Chinmoy played on esraj and flute. 1000 school children attended the open-air concert who on their part sang one of the songs Sri Chinmoy specially created for Chinese children. This DVD is my first production in the new 16×9 aspect format, realized with a HDV camera. Length: 2:03 h dvdkv204

Sri Chinmoy’s August Celebrations 1997

This Birthday Celebration started with a full day function in honour of the 50th Anniversary of India’s independence. Sri Chinmoy offered long meditations and painted 50 Jharna-Kala artworks in Jamaica, Queens. Also included are the highlights of the birthday function, a parade through Queens and excerpts of an open-air concert with 50 instruments. Length: 53 min dvdkv122.

Sri Chinmoy’s 13 million bird drawings

Sri Chinmoy was not only a prolific writer, composer and meditation teacher, he was also a most active painter. Besides an extensive work of acrylic paintings that he called Jharna-Kala (Fountain-Art), he also created millions of cute little birds in all shapes and colors. This video covers many of his art exhibitions worldwide from the years 1994 – 2003. Until his passing the number increased to more than 15 million bird drawings. Watch excerpts on this website: Length: 1:01 h dvdkv088