Masters Games and concerts in Miyazaki

Sri Chinmoy’s trip to Southern Japan in October 1993 with an insight in some cultural aspects of the region, the opening ceremony of the 10th World Veterans Championships with his participation in the 100 m sprint as well as a summary of four beautiful concerts with mediative music. Length: 1:35 h dvdkv086

Sri Chinmoy in Warsaw 1992

In March of 1992 spiritual master and peace promoter Sri Chinmoy (1931 – 2007) visited Poland where he gave two concerts, inclu- ding performances on flu- tes, the esraj, a new harp, synthesizer, piano and har- monium. He also inaugu- rated a “Peace Mile” near Warsaw and did an extensive indoor sprint practice. This new DVD edition is based on the original footage of 1992. Length: 1:46 h/dvdkv064