Concerts and Awards in Bucarest & Sofia

145webnewIn March of 2000 Sri Chinmoy (1931-2007) visited Rumania and Bulgaria to give two major concerts in the Eastern part of Europe and to meet more than 900 of his Russian students. Both concerts were very successful and Bulgaria became a Sri Chinmoy “Peace-Blossom-Nation”. Also present in Sofia was the cosmonaut Genady Strekalov who had met Sri Chinmoy in New York and brought the peace torch of the World Harmony Run into orbit. Length: 59 min dvdkv145

Sri Chinmoy: 31 years in the West

101webHighlights of the April Celebrations 1995: Walking meditations, several regular meditation sessions, singing the “Invocation”, Sri Chinmoy offers a book on stage, a poetry recitation, singing with harmonium and the opening ceremony of the “World Harmony Run” 1995 in Manhatten, including speeches by invited guests, a performance by singer Addwitiya Roberta Flack and Sri Chinmoy blesses the torch. Length: 1:10 h. DVD No. KV1101.

Sri Chinmoy’s Celebrations New York 1991

The Celebrations video of 1991 brings you to the opening ceremony of the Peace Run, as the International Harmony Run first was namend. Sri Chinmoy opens the run and gives the torch to the runners from all the different continents. Narada Michael Walden introduces Addwitiya Roberta Flack, who plays and sings for the audience. Second part: Sri Chinmoy sings the “Invocation” on his “Aspiration-Ground” in Queens, NY, shows the competition racing shoes that he got as a present from Sudhahota Carl Lewis and throws the javelin behind his tennis-court. Als included is a series of beautiful birhday meditations. Length: 45 min dvdkv055

Sri Chinmoy – 25 years in the West

Highlights of the April and August Celebrations 1989 (celebrating his arrival in the West on April 13 and memorating his birthday on August 27) with many meditation close-ups and the visits of the musicians Mokshagun and Addwitiya, Narada’s per- formance, a report on the opening ceremony of the World Harmony Run in Manhatten as well as Sri Chinmoy’s opening speach and meditation at an Indian art show, where he also exhibited his Jharna-Kala. Length: 61 min dvdkv009