Sri Chinmoy in Japan – July 2006

In July 2006 Sri Chinmoy visited again his beloved Japan. He gave concerts in front of the Daibutsu in Kamakura, at the feet of Mt. Fuji and in the Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima, where he offered a flower bouquet. In addition to his concert at the Daibutsu an art exhibition with 80 of his recent Jharna-Kala paintings was on display. During his stay in Japan Sri Chinmoy also composed his 13,000th Bengali song! Length: 1:28 h dvdkv220 16×9

Sri Chinmoy in Japan – Christmas Trip 1997

Sri Chinmoy visits Kumamoto and Kagoshima in Southern Japan and gives concerts in both cities. He also played for 500 children of a catholic church and brought them the torch of the “International Harmony Run”. Also included glimpses of the “500 disciples of Buddha” (carved in stone over a period of 24 years at the Gohyaku Rakan site, a Japanese dance performance and an exclusive coverage of the fascinating fire ceremony at the Saifukuji Temple near Kagoshima. Length: 1:37 h dvd117

Sri Chinmoy in Japan 1992

Japan is one of Sri Chinmoy’s most favorite countries. His visit in 1992 brought him to the cultural centre Kyoto, the famous Kamakura Buddha statue (where he met the Head Priest, meditated on the Buddha and planted a tree in the garden) and to the capital Tokyo, where more than 10,000 people attended a most successful concert at the Nippon Budokan Hall, where a laser show and a big video screen surrounded the master’s performances. The concert culminated with a striking piano piece and the presentation of Sri Chinmoy’s Japan song that he performed together with all his Japanese students on stage. Length: 1:25 h dvdkv077