Sri Chinmoy plays on 74 pianos in New York

Sri Chinmoy celebrated his 74th birthday with a volley of self-transcending offerings such as playing on 74 pianos, especially brought in for this occasion. The performance took place on August 22, 2005 in Queens, NY. This video is a record of this historical event. Length: 1:40 h dvdkv210

Sri Chinmoy’s 73rd birthday – August 2004

Walking meditations, performances on the piano, sitar and esraj, a visit of special guest Addwitiya Roberta Flack and the presentation of the world’s largest flower bouquet with 101,000 roses (presented by Ashrita and his friends) marked this birthday celebration. On the same video there is also a report on the FORUM, a cultural event in Barcelona, where Sri Chinmoy opened the 4th “Parliament of the World’s Religions” conference with a silent meditation and an esraj performance in front of 5000 people. Length: 1:32 dvdkv202

Celebrations New York 1990

Summary of the highlights of both the April and the August Celebrations of 1990, including Sri Chinmoy’s Avatar songs, his tennis playing and his unique performance on two pianos. He played on one piano while all movements were electronically recorded. Then he played on a second piano while the first one played the recorded part. Length: 1:17 h dvdkv033