Sri Chinmoy plays on 74 pianos in New York

Sri Chinmoy celebrated his 74th birthday with a volley of self-transcending offerings such as playing on 74 pianos, especially brought in for this occasion. The performance took place on August 22, 2005 in Queens, NY. This video is a record of this historical event. Length: 1:40 h dvdkv210

Sri Chinmoy: 41 years in the West

Sri Chinmoy’s driving meditations and concert (playing many Chinese instruments, flutes, synthesizer, harmonium and piano) in Queens, the visit of Addwitiyia Roberta Flack and the opening of the “International Harmony Run” in New York with the presentation of Sri Chinmoy’s new song on the run and inspiring speeches by diplomats & guests. Length: 1:23 h dvdkv205

Sacred Moments – April Celebrations 2003

In April 2003 Sri Chinmoy celebrated his 39th Anniversary of being in the West by chanting “Supreme” 39 times. These video presents these sacred moments as well as glimpses of his driving meditations on his “Aspiration-Ground” in Queens, NY, and close-ups of his meditations during the evening function on April 13th. Length: 20 min dvdkv190

Sri Chinmoy’s April Celebrations 1999

136webSri Chinmoy celebrates his 35th Anniversary of being in the West. The video starts with a long meditation, continues with chanting of mantras and ends with an invitation to the St. John’s University in Queens, NY, where Sri Chinmoy was named as the “Messenger of the Millenium”. Length: 1:23 h dvdkv136

Sri Chinmoy’s August Celebrations 1997

This Birthday Celebration started with a full day function in honour of the 50th Anniversary of India’s independence. Sri Chinmoy offered long meditations and painted 50 Jharna-Kala artworks in Jamaica, Queens. Also included are the highlights of the birthday function, a parade through Queens and excerpts of an open-air concert with 50 instruments. Length: 53 min dvdkv122.

Birthday Celebrations August 1994

This video opens with the highlights of a beautiful full moon Open-Air Concert on Staten Island, NY. Sri Chinmoy sings and plays on two flutes, keyboards and the harmonium. The second part consists of many unique close-ups of Sri Chinmoy meditating and includes the “Invocation”, sang by himself as well as the opening of the Birthday Celebrations on August 27, 1994, in Queens, New York. In the third part you can witness Sri Chinmoy’s singing and reciting poems during the evening program. Length: 60 min dvdkv095.

Birthday Celebrations August 1992

Sri Chinmoy plays tennis, the Omsk choir performs, Sri Chinmoy sings the “Invocation”, meditates on the “Aspiration- Ground” in Queens, NY, meets with Irina Malekowa from the Gorbachev Foundation and gives a concert on his birthday, including the performance of Avatar songs. Length: 1:32 h dvdkv073